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Spirit In The Sky

Spirit In The Sky


This kaleidoscope is made from glow in the dark artwork from @mothman333, with a display stand that light projects and has rainbow refraction.

The stand can be displayed in many different ways and projects on the wall, the ceiling, or a table. Just play around with the light to see what you discover.

Peek inside the larger window of the kaleidoscope and move around looking at various lighting to view a sparkling rainbow galaxy inside. If you look to the far right or left inside the box you start to see these crazy infinite cosmic highways. I encourage you to take this piece out in sunlight and dance around to capture all of these wonderful rainbow visuals!

You can also shine a UV light inside to reveal a glow in the dark butterfly flower garden. All lights are included to light project and quickly charge the glow in the dark.

Dimensions (including display stand) - 7.50" tall x 4.50" wide
Kaleidoscope Dimensions - 3.65" x 3.65" x 3.65"

Spirit In The Sky Image 2 Spirit In The Sky Image 3 Spirit In The Sky Image 4 Spirit In The Sky Image 5
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