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This kaleidoscope is made from Salvador Dali blotter art printed by the late Paul Guest.

It is a holoscope infinity box style where you peek inside the larger window and move around looking at various lighting to view a sparkling rainbow galaxy inside. If you look to the far right or left inside the box you start to see these crazy cosmic highways. I encourage you to take this piece out in sunlight and dance around to capture all these wonderful rainbow visuals.

You can also shine a UV light inside to reveal a glow inn the dark star galaxy as well.

UV light is included to quickly charge the glow in the dark. All of my kaleidoscopes are sealed with clear glass to keep the mirrors free of dust, for a crystal clear view that lasts a lifetime.

Total Dimensions (including display stand) - 8" tall x 4.5" wide
Kaleidoscope Dimensions - 3.75" tall x 3.75" wide