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$350.00 — Sold out

This piece is made from holographic Garden of Earthly Delights blotter art printed by Zane Kesey, with a base that glows in the dark.

This kaleidoscope is an interchangeable double vision scope with triangle and square visuals and includes a UV glass marble from @liquidsandstudio, an amethyst marble, and a teleidoscope marble where you can literally scope out anything you see by moving around in your environment.

You can scope out any 25mm-30mm marble from your collection and is a super fun piece to explore for a new perspective in life ;)

A UV flashlight is included to quickly charge the glow as well as mini led lights to illuminate the visuals inside the scope. All of my kaleidoscopes are sealed with clear glass on both ends to keep the mirrors free of dust, for a crystal clear view that lasts a lifetime.

Dimensions (including wire detail) - 10.75" tall x 4.75" wide x 10.50" long
Kaleidoscope Dimensions - 8.90" long x 1.75" wide x 1" tall

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