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Dark Star

Dark Star

$300.00 — Sold out

This kaleidoscope is made from various clips of Grateful Dead blotter art printed by Zane Kesey and Paul Guest. It has 6 outer panels that are fun to flip around and explore various holographic and glow in the dark panels.

It is a holoscope infinity box style where you peek inside the larger window and move around looking at various lighting to view a sparkling rainbow galaxy inside. If you look to the far right or left inside the box you start to see these crazy cosmic highways. I encourage you to take this piece out in sunlight and dance around to capture all these wonderful rainbow visuals. You can also shine a UV light inside to create a glow in the dark matrix effect inside. This is a super fun piece to play and interact with for a new perspective in life ;)

UV light is included to quickly charge the glow in the dark. All of my kaleidoscopes are sealed with clear glass to keep the mirrors free of dust, for a crystal clear view that lasts a lifetime.

Dimensions - 3.75" x 3.75" x 3.75"

Dark Star Image 2 Dark Star Image 3 Dark Star Image 4 Dark Star Image 5
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